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OG Mint Sold Out: Ape in on Looksrare & Opensea

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Ape-In Productions (AIP) is a web3 record label, entertainment company, and talent agency co-founded by members of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, including GRAMMY-winning super producer Timbaland.

In November 2021, we deployed our OG Label Token smart contract to commemorate our launch: 3000 tokens were minted and the AIP community was born.

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Beyond digital collectibles, OG tokenholders receive unique opportunities to participate in reshaping the music industry under the new rules of web3.

Pairing NFT characters with real-world talent to build unprecedented intellectual property value, we are providing new ways for artists, NFT holders, and third-parties such as brands to mutually benefit from one another and to enjoy the perks of belonging to an incredible web3 community.

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