Benzinga Covers AIP’s Oro Blanco Strain Partnership

Financial news outlet Benzinga has covered the launch of a new “Oro Blanco” BAYC strain on shelves in two California dispensaries.

Some excerpts from the article by Benzinga writer Vuk Zdinjak are below:

Farmhouse Inc. entered into a partnership with Urbana to place the “Oro Blanco” Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) #2186 strain on shelves at both San Francisco locations: 4811 Geary Blvd. and 33 29th Street.

The partnership is part of the company’s expansion strategy that connects the NFT community with established cannabis brands. In partnership with Urbana, the company will lead the development of a destination dispensary that integrates NFT culture with premium products, starting with the BAYC #2186 Oro Blanco strain.

Oro Blanco is the face of a new cannabis brand on behalf of Ape-In Productions, an entertainment company and virtual community. AIP is injecting the excitement of music fandom into the BAYC universe by developing NFTs such as BAYC into popular music artists in the metaverse.

Vuk Zdinjak, Benzinga

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