We start by introducing TheZoo, an #ApeOwned hip-hop group of Bored Apes who have found their voice by channeling their collective talent, energy, and spirit. TheZoo will release their debut single “ApeSh!t” — produced by Timbaland himself — in conjunction with the initial AIP Label NFT on November 17th.  – the OG Label NFT.

For those of you who don’t know, Timbaland recently “aped-in” to the BAYC after observing the momentum and excitement of the movement. And now he brings his unparalleled resume, talent, and vision to the metaverse, to BAYC, and to AIP. Get ready for much more to come there!

We will tell the story of TheZoo and others through the music they make, as well as other high-level media channels (comics, tv, movies, metaverse concerts, etc.). As you will soon see, while TheZoo needed each other to truly succeed as artists, we are not going to do all of this alone. We want to build something truly unique and special, and we want to do that with our community.

Along with custom art by Myth Division and other special extras, our OG token roadmap – which is called the ApeMap – is chock full of utility and value to allow the token holders to engage with the artists, the label, and music community like never-before. We believe in talent discovery and providing new distribution options that will eliminate the dependance on legacy record label contracts that would typically take advantage of artists. We are off that. We also believe that the metaverse will connect artists, art, fans, and others in countless innovative and amazing ways.

OG Token holders will have numerous opportunities within the AIP community to connect, vibe, and possibly participate at the highest levels of creative media, either as an artist or an NFT holder. Participate and get rewarded in the Ape-In ecosystem.

For more information on AIP, TheZoo, and our OG Token check out the rest of our website. Also check out the ApeMap, join our Discord and connect with us on Twitter.

Amazing things are coming and we are all going to go ApeSh!t. #ApesTogetherStrong

Welcome to the show.

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