Take Off

AIP OG Label NFT Minters can claim a free mint (+ gas) of “Take Off”, TheZoo’s second track/nft from Ape-In Productions. Produced by Congo for Beatclub.

  • Step 1: Connect wallet
  • Step 2: Press Purchase to mint
  • Offer expires 12/31/2021


  • Total tokens: 3,450 (1 per OG Label NFT minted + 450 reserved)
  • Number to claim: 1 OG Label NFT Minted = 1 “Take Off” (aftermarket acquisitions are not eligible)
  • Claim Period: 12/7/2021 thru 12/31/2021
  • Price: Free to Claim + gas (which we minimize via our smart contract)
  • Claim can only be used once per token
  • All AIP NFTs and Content on this website are governed by the AIP Terms and Conditions