AIP Mint

Step 1: Connect wallet

Step 2: Press Purchase to mint


Tokens remaining
Mint Test

Public mint is 10 max per wallet

Mint FAQ

Total tokens: 3,000 (presale + mint)


  • The Whitelist is now closed.
  • Number of mints: 1 per wallet
  • Presale Date: 11/16
  • Presale Time: 12:00pm EST
  • Presale Duration: 24 hours


  • Mint Date: 11/17
  • Number of mints: 10 max per wallet
  • Price: 0.25E + gas (which we are looking to minimize via our smart contract)


This is the only official collection on OpenSea

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AIP How it Started How It's Going

Aftermint FAQ

Over the coming days and weeks OG Label Token Holders get access to:

  • HD Version of TheZoo’s ApeSh!t track produced by Timbaland for Beatclub
  • Downloadable MP3 of ApeSh!t
  • High Resolution ApeSh!t Cover Art by Myth Division
  • VIP Role in Discord (with a cool color only for OG Label NFT Holders)
  • Access to VIP Discord Channels

After minting, there will be much more dope stuff coming!

Make sure to join the Ape-In Discord

and Follow @ApeInProd on Twitter