Our roadmap, aka the ApeMap, provides some insight into our upcoming journey.  Not exactly in chronological order, but we are going to do ALL of it.  This is going to be an amazing ride and our goal is to and to have all of our people along for it.  Whether you are an NFT collector, a music fan, an artist, a singer, a producer, a rapper, an Ape-holder, a gamer, or just someone that likes cool shit, we will have something for you.

As to how to get involved, start by joining our Discord and following us on Twitter. And then check out our AIP OG Label NFT.  This token memorializes our launch and includes exclusive access to ApeSh!t, the debut track by TheZoo – a hip-hop group made up of Bored Apes, and is produced Timbaland himself! The NFT also includes some really dope stuff like custom art by Myth Division, as well as all sorts of exclusive access and utility – including access to various online platforms and events and the ability to add your Bored Ape NFTS (BAYC, MAYC, & BAKC) to the Ape-In Talent Pool. Other NFTs will be considered, based on what our token holders think works from a creative standpoint.

And this is just the beginning. From the very first moment we wanted to create something special for fans, creatives, performers, and Apes all around the world and this is just the first step.  We want to make these Apes and other characters famous and create all sorts of cool creative content (songs, shows, events, etc.) and create revenue opportunities for people in the process.

Check out our OG Label NFT page for more details and thanks for Apeing-In to this ride with us!

  • Ape-In Productions is Launched
  • ApeSh!t Track Release

  • OG Label NFT Sale

  • Opening of AIP Talent Pool

  • Collaborative Studio Sessions

  • More Tracks Released

  • Metaverse Concert

  • Merch Release

  • Metaverse Fashion Release
  • IRL Events

  • Apes Got Talent!

  • New Artists Released
  • NOT LISTED: collabs, partnerships, and dope shit we don’t want to be frontrun on 😊